Affiliate Marketing For Beginners – Easy First Sale System!

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners – Easy First Sale System!Affiliate Marketing For Beginners – Easy First Sale System!

Allow me to explain how I teach affiliate marketing for beginners. This is often best done through an example. I will be able to complete this lesson by providing you with a true life example of how I got a friend of mine to do my first sale online.

That friend was initially skeptical and found it difficult to believe that it is really possible to make money from affiliate marketing. I’ll tell you what I told him:

Forget the big picture for now. Forget the crazy sums of cash like $1000 a day or the lucrative house and sports car you see in those website scams. Just consider making your first online sale. If you only earn $1 online then no one can stop you from increasing it to the amount you want.

This is how affiliate marketing for beginners should start! So let’s go to that. How did I help my friend sell his fist?

  1. I chose a market and a product. I knew a particular type of video game copy software was selling well so I decided to take a trip after that. You will discover products and sales data on the ClickBank Market Place.
  2. I have chosen an honest keyword to use for that. When people search the web they search for certain words. To earn money online, you have to create passion in the mind of the searcher. I asked myself: “What would someone try to find the game copy software type in Google?”

I used the free Google Keyword Tool to see what related words were being searched for. The keyword I decided to use was “Xbox Game Copy Software”. I could see there wasn’t a lot of competition and a lot of people were watching it so it looked cool.

  1. My friend wrote a short article outlining the benefits of buying this type of software, and in rock bottom he added a link to the software via a website he bought for $1.25 ( domain). He used the keyword once in the title, once in the conclusion, and twice in the body of the article.
  2. He submitted the article to EzineArticles and waited.

The article took a few days to get published but it immediately started getting traffic as soon as it hit the internet. His first sale was $22 within 5 hours of the article’s publication. The article made 3 more sales in the next 3 weeks. So over the next few weeks, $88 was reduced for 20 minutes of work.

The friend who made his first online sales from that article is now a full-time internet marketer. They have moved on from that first ‘Affiliate Marketing for Beginners Marketing’ lesson and built a business! He never goes to work, fires his boss, doesn’t care about money and has time to spend with his family.

No one can stop you from doing this, but you might want to take a small action right now that will require you to. Plant the seed and watch it grow into a mighty oak.

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