Alligator Dream Meaning


Crocodile or alligator, ferocious and pitiless, is a sign of mighty and cruel enemy in dreams. Generally, an alligator in dream represents that you might have a monetary mix-up or clash with a friend or undergo from some interpersonal estrangements in the coming future, which is pretty irritating. Alligator Dream Meaning

The dream about crocodile symbolizes some type of fear in you which you cannot rescue and are scared of being eaten up with it; it also shows undergoing in life or in guts. Read Also Dreams About Plane Crashing

If you are an office employee, the alligator in a dream represents excessive efforts and results at work and needs plenty of effort will ultimately become the performance of others.

If you are a student, the dream about crocodile repeats you to be practical before inactive in your study.


If you are setting up a business, the dream about crocodile represents the fiscal problem in your investment project caused by family connects, which might lead to fiscal losses if you not succeed to workout due conscientiousness.

If you are an employee, the dream about crocodile means you must be sincere in work and never mess through your work, thus as to find self-confidence from the details.

If you are students, the dream about crocodile represents malfunction to get a perfect score due to a few flaws.

For businessmen, the dream about crocodile signifies pretty good luck for money and profits getting from different sources.

For patients, the dream about crocodile shows good luck and slow physical treatment though no complete upgrading of the disease.


If you are single, the alligator in dream signifies you will be very famous with the opposite sex and blessed in love relationship, thus take the opportunity to develop a relationship.

If you are a married man, the dream about crocodile implies adversities when you take a business journey or depart for travel, so you’d better not go anywhere. 

If you are a married woman, the dream about crocodile represents you will get expecting and will be blessed with a baby boy. 

If a crocodile scaled up in the bank in your dream, it represents you are expected to get going to a new land in life or career.

If dreams about alligators chasing you, it shows you will be free from serious risk.

If a crocodile were approaching you in the dream, it represents you will spend plenty of money in the treatment, or may be chased by the villain and experienced losses in business.

When you dream a crocodile chasing a friend implies that he/she is feeble and you cannot depend on entirely.

Dream of crocodile preyed on an animal represents you the possible assault from a competitor.

When you see a dream of the caged crocodile is a symbol of great benefits in the marketplace.

If you walked on the back of a crocodile in the dream, it is a symbol that you might be in big trouble and find it tough to overcome from it. When you see such kinds of dream, please be cautious and do not faith anyone willingly, including your friends.


Dreaming about crocodile was biting any person signifies things will be not good at all for you in interpersonal relationship recently and your hostile personality might separate you from others.

For the elders, such a dream implies possible health issues and even faces death. For young people, such a dream represents a friend might deceive or be against you, making you feel hurt within. Read About Spell To Get The Job Of Your Dreams

Dream of a crocodile biting you shows you might be attacked by a foe, or you may make foes with any person who has cheated or hurt you. In either case, the enemy is violent and cruel, so don’t believe in luck. 


Dreaming of a crocodile was eating someone, symbolizes you get panic of something in life which makes you feeble and nervous and just have no idea about how to manage. For married people, it represents the arguments will take place between you in day-to-day life have affected the steady life.

Dreaming of a crocodile was eating someone, which symbolizes you get panic of something in life which makes you feeble and nervous and just have no idea about how to manage. For married people, it represents the arguments that will take place between you in day-to-day life that has affected the steady life.

For single persons, it shows you have affronted a potent person by an accidental act, which might be injurious to you and you have to make for it. For women, such a dream is a wickedness symbol of competitor in love and emotional disaster. 

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