Change YOUR Life – Change Your Thinking

Change YOUR Life – Change Your Thinking

It’s about the value of having good ideas and being creative in your thoughts.

If you have the ability to think clearly, then you could find yourself on top of the world! Let me clarify that. There’s a saying that is often bandied around within the internet marketing world and the blogging world which is something along the lines of this…

“a GREAT(!) idea starts out merely as a passing thought”.

If you like Twitter, no doubt you see this sort of thing almost every day, which soon becomes fairly meaningless – I’m not a fan of Twitter where this is concerned.

But back to the point…

So, without generating ideas, where are we going with our businesses? In this case I am focusing more upon the internet marketing and the blogging world, but it does also apply to any business.

Change YOUR Life – Change Your Thinking
Change YOUR Life – Change Your Thinking

I would be willing to bet my bottom dollar that Sam Walton founded Walmart in 1962 by way of a dream or a wealth of thoughts he had while stocking shelves while retailing at J.C. Penny’s back in the 1040′s.

And how did Facebook start? A mere thought in Mark Zuckerberg’s mind back when he was being tutored privately in computer programming from his early teens. Yes, for sure – he was described as a prodigy by his tutor who said it was “tough to stay ahead of him”, so obviously he had advantages over and above his peers.

And what about one of the gentlemen whom I regularly think about – Sir Richard Branson. I remember well the Virgin Records store (before it changed to Virgin Mega Stores) on Princess Street, Edinburgh back when I was a kid. I used to buy a couple of LP records, take them home, record them on tape, then take them back to the shop for a refund.

Now folks, cut me some slack. I’m talking about when I was 14 years old here! But back to the point – again – Sir Richard Branson had a dream, strung a few (thousand) thoughts together, and through time has become one of the world’s best known (and most liked) and wealthiest entrepreneurs.

That’s maybe enough of my Wikipedia research for one post, LOL!

So the whole point of this is that a mere thought can spark off something that becomes so HUGE, its almost inconceivable!

The problem appears to be, we are taught from a very early age by our parents, by our teachers, by our university and college lecturers, that to get ahead in life, we have to work darn hard for most of our lives, and only once we are too old to be much good for anything else (that’s being a bit harsh, but you get my point – I’m sure), do we have our chance to chill out and relax with the grand kids (if we don’t keel over and die before we get to that point!).

Now here’s the thing. If you are the sort of person who does want to get on with your business and is very keen to see success through it, are you also the sort to remember those tales that were drummed into you in early life (in fact, all through life!)?

If you do not work darn hard and work lots and lots of long days and take few holidays, then you will never be successful. Don’t you think this is somewhat contrary to the ability to entertain and achieve wonderful ideas?

If you are so busy with your job and so busy with the external “noise” of life each and every day, how the devil are you going to be capable of hosting creative thoughts on a regular basis (or perhaps ever)?

And with just one single thought, it could be the one which allows you to become what you have dreamed you would be from the very early years – you know, when your friend’s parents asked you what you would like to be when you grow up, and you answered “a millionaire”, or something along those lines.

That’s the answer that I often gave, and no doubt it had everyone within earshot giggling – “oh, the kid wants to be a millionaire does he? Well dream on kid…”.

Change YOUR Life – Change Your Thinking
Change YOUR Life – Change Your Thinking

(As a sidenote here – I think that my intense desire to be a “millionaire” was flawed (you could say!). I think what I wanted in truth was to be free of a boss, free to choose the hours I worked, free to choose if I worked that month or did something else more preferable, free to choose which country I worked from (location independent) and free to choose which palm tree I stuck my hammock under each day. I now believe that this is what “millionaire” actually really means).

The word “millionaire” (in money terms) always made me believe that this is what brought happiness and lifeLive Your Life on Your Own Terms Change YOUR Life Change Your Thinking fulfillment. But the word “millionaire” in terms of money does NOT bring this on its own.

It’s not the money, it’s the inner sense of peace that matters. So I can now safely say to myself – “Joseph, you ARE A MILLIONAIRE, but you are a millionaire on your own terms and not on what most others (but certainly not all others!) think the word to mean”.

“you’ll never be anything without hard work, son. Go to school (I loathed school!), go to college, go to university, get a job (hated almost every job I had), build a career (I failed here terribly!), (and be utterly miserable(!)) – but don’t worry about being miserable, at least you will have enough money to pay your bills every month” (and to afford a relatively good coffin for yourself once your miserable days are finally over and done!).

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