Diet Plans for Women

Diet Plans for Women

Diet Plans for Women There are many diet plans for women available on the internet these days. Some of these diet plans are taking the women population by storm! They reason for popularity of a diet plan may not be its effectiveness; sometimes it’s more about how ridiculously weird the diet plan is! I’m probably not gonna take names here but I came across a diet plan called ‘Baby Food Die’ where you were required to eat baby food for a month! I think you get my point now.

Let’s take a look at some diet plans that are quite popular these days:

The Diet included in this diet plan lacks scientific backing. The very initial step of the diet is to determine your metabolic type. The metabolic types outlined in this diet program are protein eaters, carb eaters and fat eaters. This may look very fancy but there’s no scientific research that suggests the fact that each individual has a unique metabolic type. Also, the more dangerous part of this diet plan is some of the advise that the author gives to its readers. Some of these dangerous ‘tips’ include the following:Names Related To Death

Everyone falls into a metabolic category and macronutrient balance for each individual varies according to the metabolic type.Eggs should be eaten raw as raw eggs are closer to their original organic state

Unpasteurized milk is good for you and pasteurizing the milk causes it to lose its Calcium content.

Diet plans for women Diet Plans for Women All of these claims made by the author lack any substantial proof. This is potentially dangerous advice passed on by the author. However, there are a few good elements of the Diet worth mentioning. The Ebook written in connection with the diet is motivational and it will help you stick to the diet. The Diet is also based on a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables so basically, it is a healthy diet.

The author has gone overboard and at times the definition of ‘Fresh’ is too rigid in this book. All un-organic, or frozen fresh foods have been regarded as ‘Not to be eaten.’ This, in fact, is not a good advice once again. People need something more flexible these days with recommendations in accordance to the scientific studies carried on human nutrition.

Brad Pilon’s diet program ‘Eat-Stop-Eat’ focuses on fasting for weight loss. Well, to be completely honest, fasting is another name for cyclic starvation so one might have his/her doubts before even starting with the program. Brad Pilon in his book highlights the benefits of fasting but he presented a biased opinion related to fasting, in his book. Fasting has its advantages but it is not something that someone can stick with for long durations. Another problem with the diet pattern is that it allows you to eat almost whatever you want to during the periods you’re not fasting. Now, that is just too much liberty for people who have the capacity of consuming over 3000 calories in a single meal.

The last bit of concern is impracticality. How long can you actually carry on fasting to achieve a healthy look? Will you be able to avoid binge eating one you get those hunger pangs during your fasting time? It is questions like these that make this diet, an impractical approach towards weight loss; especially, sustainable weight loss.

This is the diet which has been regarded as the best diet by all medical community. It helps prevent problems like high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. I’ll be reviewing this diet in my next Blog post as an effective diet plan for women and men of all ages.

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