How To Interpret A Dream About Elevators?

How to interpret a dream about elevators?

Elevators are used by all of us these days very often. Thanks to our reluctance to take stairs. Being used frequently, it is quite common that we end up seeing an elevator in our dream.

Though these dreams might go unnoticed by us, it is important for us to interpret these dreams as well. Just like any other dream symbol, an elevator in a dream in different situations has a different interpretation.

The most common dream about elevators is the ones in which it is either going up or going down. A rising elevator in a dream signifies progress on the spiritual, emotional, physical and mental front. It also indicates that you are rising above your circumstances in real life or coming out of a state of depression. Also, Read Dream About plane Crashing

A falling elevator dream, on the other hand, indicates a complicated feeling of being trapped, powerlessness and other such feelings of despair.

Apart from a rising and falling elevator, the other dreams about elevators can be of being stuck in an elevator, an elevator being out of order, an elevator stopping at the same floor and much more.


Apart from a rising and falling elevator, the other dreams about elevators can be of being stuck in an elevator, an elevator being out of order, an elevator stopping at the same floor and much more.

No matter what the dream about an elevator is, these dreams are a representation of your real-life and have a connection to your past, present or future.

If you are ever stuck while interpreting an elevator in a dream which you saw recently, here is the way out for you. You can come back to this article and find the answers to some of the most common elevator dreams.

Elevator Dream meaning and interpretation

1. A general dream about elevators: If you end up seeing a quite common dream about elevators that lacks any additional details, then that dream is a signal for you to pay attention to the current situations and events taking place in your life.


Such a dream is also an indication of some of the great opportunities coming to your way very soon.

However, sometimes these dreams can also indicate some sort of difficulties coming to your way.

2. An elevator moving up in dream: Usually, an elevator going up in dream signifies a time of progress or an elevation in your emotions in normal terms. However, the interpretation varies depending on the speed at which the elevator is moving up.

If the elevator moves up at a normal speed in your dream, it indicates that your past hard work is being paid off in your present life. If the elevator is moving up at a speed faster than that of a normal elevator, it can have both positive and negative indications.

On the positive front, a dream about elevators moving faster indicates a surprise blast or an unexpected rise and elevation in your current situation.

On the negative hand, a dream about elevators moving faster indicates that you are impatient enough to fix the current problems and situations in your life.


3. Dream about elevators going down: A dream about an elevator going down indicates that a person is entering their unconsciousness. It can also be a reminder for you to be more realistic. An elevator going down can also be interpreted as an obstacle in fulfilling some plans. It is also an indication of an obstacle arriving in the path of your growth and success.

4. Dream about being stuck in an elevator: Dream about being stuck in an elevator is quite frightening, isn’t it? When it comes to interpreting such a dream, it indicates that the person having the dream is soon going to be involved in some sort of immoral activity in their waking life.

It is also an indication of the fact that the one having the dream is involved in some sort of fraud.

5. Interpretation of elevator moving sideways in a dream: If the elevator in your dreams is moving sideways it is surely an indication of being stuck.

Such a dream can be an indication of something being stagnant in your waking life, something with is not growing, be it your career, relationship, success, family or anything.

It can also indicate a lack of commitment. On the other hand, this dream can also be an indication of you paying attention to the irrelevant details of life and missing out on the important aspects of life like spiritual and personal growth.

6. Dream about elevators stuck or malfunctioning: Dreaming about an elevator that is stuck with closed doors prohibiting you from either entering or exiting the elevator indicates that in reality, your emotions have gone out of your control. Read About Weight Lose Spell

A stuck elevator also signifies a halt in your career growth. At times, it is also an indication of a stagnant relationship.

7. Dream about an empty elevator: An empty elevator in a dream: signifies the emptiness faced by a person in their real life. It is an indication of the fact that either the person is bored with their routine life, or the life of this particular person is full of ups and downs.

8. Dreaming about an elevator full of people: Dreaming about an elevator full of people is a bad sign as it indicates that something bad is about to happen in the future.


It can be an indication of a big accident or miss happening coming your way which might end up leaving you hurt or injured.

This dream is also an indication for you to be cautious of the construction sites and while you are crossing roads.

9. Falling or crashing elevator in a dream: A crashing or a falling elevator leaves us frightened and afraid as it is an indication of an accident. When talking about such dreams, it indicates the fear of losing a job or a relationship.

If you are injured in the dream of face death, it indicates that in your waking life you have taken up some of the self-destructive behaviors which can actually cause damage to you in your life.

The fear faced by you in such dreams is a real indication of how you will react when you face a crisis in reality.

A medical elevator depicts the state of health you have in real life. While a shaky elevator indicates that your journey to success and growth is not going to be a smooth one. No matter what you see in your dream with respect to elevators, don’t forget to find its meaning as it can have an important indication related to your real life.


It is not only the different dream situations having a significance when talking about elevators in dreams, but also the fact that what kind of an elevator you see in your dream. For instance, a glass elevator signifies an open state of mind.

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