Nothing can be compared to a dreadful dream of watching a plane crash with your eyes and watching all the horrible things that go around you until you die in that situation of a plane crash. Watching a plane crash in your dream is not a usual thing, especially for those people who have fear of flying and heights.

Nobody wants to experience such a situation even in their dreams, but what if you encounter such a scene in your dream? What if you are trapped in your dream and you are forced to face all the terrible things full of horror and fear? Well, you know about all these questions, then keep on reading our blog. Also, Read Dream About Knives

Plane crash dreams often signify that you have set some unrealistic goals in your life, which is either very difficult to achieve or impossible. It also symbolizes the fear that you have kept in your heart or the negative thoughts or situation that is about to come in your way or your journey of life.

What does a plane crash dream mean?

Dreaming of going through a plane crash:

In case if you watch yourself going through a plane crash in your dream, then this symbolizes that there are some suicidal thoughts in your mind. This means that you a really sad and depressed about some things in your life and you don’t know what to do about it. So in order to avoid them, you are finding a way to escape.

Diving deep down into depression is a thing that everybody wants to avoid or get rid of. So, it’s your duty to make sure things are right before anything gets worse. This dream is a helpful guide in order to tell you about your psychological condition that you are not aware of. Taking help from your family and friends can be the best remedy for it, so don’t hesitate to ask for help.

Dreams about being afraid that a plane crash will happen:

If you get dreams in which you seem to be afraid of having a plane crash, then this indicates that you are soon going to meet some accident in your real life. You can also be a victim of an accident that can cause great damage to you.

This dream also depicts your relationships with others, so be careful to choose what you say in front of them. There are possibilities that you can insult someone intentionally and that person will become your enemy. So, if something like this happens to you, then its better to apologize to that person and make things better before it gets worse.

Dreams about surviving a plane crash:

Usually, a plane crash dream indicates that something bad is going to happen with you but here are also some cases where it means that you are going to experience something good. This dream is one of those.

In case you dream about your survival in a plane crash, then this is a representation that you are going to experience success soon in your life. You might get all the projects done and achieve all the goals that you were trying to achieve for long. This can be extremely beneficial for you and you must be ready to make your best out of it.

Also, you can begin working on some new projects without any hesitation because all of them will end up being successful. This is an extremely lucky period for you, so in case if you are single then you can expect someone special coming in your life very soon.


Dreams about the remains of a plane crash:

This sort of dream brings a sign of warning in your life. This means that you should try to work on yourself to bring a change within you rather than seeking help from others. Maybe you are getting dependent too much on others and this won’t be good for you.

If you are working on some projects with the help of your team, then this is an indication that you must start working on that project alone to find out your capabilities. Others may want to fail your project but you should stay strong and complete it on your own.

Dreams of seeing a plane crash:

If you have a dream where you watch a plane getting crashed in the sky, then this might represent that you have some sort of threat from others. Jealousy can be one of them.

Some people might feel jealous because you are succeeding in your life. They may want to pull you down and can do all the possible things to see you fail. So, this is a warning sign for you to identify the people who are jealous of you and try to keep a distance from them.

Dreaming about your boyfriend being the part of a plane crash incident:

Nobody likes to see their beloved ones in any sort of trouble even in their dreams. But what happens when you get such sort of dream about your boyfriend being a part of a plane crash?


Well, this signifies that you have a strong fear of losing your boyfriend. You do not want to admit this in your real life that you have a fear of losing your boyfriend but this dream will make you believe so. This fear is normal but if it is getting strong day by day then you need to watch it before something worse happens. Read About Lemon Spell Work

Dreams about dying after the plane crash:

Everyone has got a fear of death in them. What if you see yourself dying in a plane crash in your dream? This probably signifies that all your plans or projects are going to be unsuccessful because you have made some mistakes while doing the process or procedure. You will be able to identify this mistake only if you pay proper attention while working.

This dream also indicates that this is a bad period for investments or any sort of projects which are related to investing money. So, you must avoid spending money on such things and use your money wisely. This will prevent any damage coming to your life.

Dreaming about parents being a part of some plane crash:

We all have fear inside us of losing our family members and this is normal until it turns into paranoia. This dream represents the fear inside you of losing your parents because you love them so much and would never want to see them getting hurt.

If this fear in you is getting stronger in you day by day, then this is a time when you should talk to some professional about it. You can also talk to people who are really close to you. Sometimes we have a lot of fears within us but we always hesitate to share them. So talking to someone close to you will provide you the way to many solutions.

A pilot dreaming of a plane crash:

If you are a pilot and you have a dream of getting your plane crashed, then this depicts your inner fears which every pilot does have in them. It is normal to have such a fear but don’t let it get too strong because this can affect your mindset while you are on your job.

This dream is also applicable to all those people or flight attendants who travel on planes regularly. This dream just expresses our hidden fears while we are traveling on a plane.

Dreaming about getting trapped after a plane crashed:

Nothing can be more dreadful in life than not being able to escape from some horrible situation.  If in case you find yourself in the same situation in your dream, then it represents your real-life problems in you are trapped. You are trying hard to escape these problems but you are not able to escape them.

Dreaming about a plane remaining undamaged after the crash:

If you see a plane getting crashed and nothing happens to it, then this might represents that good or positive period is about to arrive in your life. You have a lot of plans in your life and in this period they are going to be successful.

This dream also means that this is a good time for investing money or making investments on different projects. You have a really good chance to make these projects successful. Also, there might be some areas in your life which you would like to fix, so this is a perfect time to do that.

Dreaming about fire and a plane crash:

This dream generally depicts some strong feelings that you have been hiding for long now. This dream tells you that those feelings are going to explode soon. In such a case, you should try to talk to people with whom you are having conflicts so that you can come to some solution. Otherwise, the solution itself cannot come on its own.

Dreaming about hearing a sound of plane crash:

Hearing sounds of crashing of a plane in your dream means it is a good sign. You will probably be able to achieve all the goals that you wanted.

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