As technology advances and our lives become more dependent on what computers can achieve Free software for MICROSOFT and ADOBE OFFICE, there is no shortage of software packages that you should be familiar with,

but this is not without problems. Software costs are a particular problem for many of us. Take Microsoft Office as an example. Microsoft is a big leader in office software, so no wonder it’s easy to charge a fair amount of money for software.

Microsoft Office’s most basic package costs £ 5.99 a month and £ 59.99 a year, but you can only use one computer. Of course,

if you’re a business owner, you’re looking at an average cost of £ 8 per user per month, even if it’s just a small business. This is £ 96 a year for all business users and only for MS Office. Of course,


it is not included in other popular software packages. For example, Adobe. If you work in the creative industries, this is a big requirement, but expensive. Basic products (like Photoshop and Illustrator) cost £ 17.58 a month,

and full packaging costs £ 46.88 a month. Unless you’re a business, then the full package costs £ 53.20 per user per month. Free software for MICROSOFT and ADOBE OFFICE

So-what are your options if you simply can’t afford this?

Another MS Office alternative
Library office

Meet your new best friend, LibreOffice. This is better than MS Office, for me at least. Not only is it completely free, it is compatible across all major platforms and can be installed and run seamlessly on Linux, Mac, and Windows. We offer 7 different programs in a free package.


Author-equivalent of MS Word
Equivalent to Calc-MS Excel
Impression-equivalent to MS presentation
Draw-Equivalent to MS Paint (if not a slightly better version)
Equivalent to Foundation-MS Entry
Equation and formula Type-Editor that works with other applications or on their own.
Graphs — Creating graphs that can provide circles, bars, circles, square graphs, graphs, and a variety of other great designs works alone or with other applications.
One of the best things about choosing this particular option is that you can export it to MS Office. So if you use LibreOffice at home and MS Office at work, you won’t have any compatibility issues, but with such free software available, why does everyone use MS Office? You will wonder.


Kingsoft doesn’t have the fierce freeware spirit that LibreOffice shows. Much of their software works in a very similar way to MS Office, making it a familiar system for users who find it difficult to make changes.

The products available from Kingsoft are expensive (albeit cheaper than MS Office), but they also offer a free version of some software, and the free Office suit offers three applications.

Free author-equivalent of MS Word
Free Spreadsheet-Equivalent to MS Excel
Free presentation – equivalent to MS presentation
They provide full compatibility with MS Office applications and are very useful for a variety of reasons. It also looks a lot like MS Office, so it’s easy to transfer and work with.

Adobe alternative

Although it offers a rather bizarre name, GIMP is a pretty nice option for free photo editing programs and offers one of the most popular Photoshop alternatives on the market. It provides many features that help make Photoshop such an effective software option.

Improve picture
Customizable interface
Retouch digital
Hardware compatibility (graphic tablet, MIDI control, USB control, etc.)
Pressure sensitive (used on graphic tablets and touch screens)
Wide range of file format compatibility (including PSosh Photoshop format)
It is a great, completely free software that runs entirely from public donations and provides compatibility with Linux / GNU, Windows, Mac, Sun OpenSolaris, and FreeBSD.


If you are looking for an alternative to Adobe Illustrator, we recommend Inkscape. It’s a particularly attractive, great, completely free, open source option for creating vector graphics, and offers a variety of features that can help make Illustrator an effective application.

Creating and manipulating objects
Fill and stroke
Treat the path
Text support
Compatibility with different formats (including Adobe format)
Of course, this is great open source software. This means you can actually download the source code and compile or edit the program yourself. It also supports running on Windows, Linus, and Mac.

Blue Fish:

There are not many options available when it comes to finding alternatives to Dreamweaver or EdgeCode, but Bluefish can do both jobs quite well. This provides a very basic interface and is a much more effective option for running on older and slower systems.

The common computer can easily run 500 different pages at the same time within this application. Few people dare to try Adobe applications.

It offers a variety of features and benefits, including those that are beyond the reach of expensive Adobe alternatives.

Very fast (proven with over 10,000 documents running simultaneously without fail, easy to work with over 500)
FTP integration (including upload and download functions)
Spell check for programming languages

Automatic recovery
Customizable language support
Built-in language definition library (including CSS, C, C ++, HTML, XMLT, Java, JS, PHP, SQL, etc.)
Full encoding support (UTF8 internally, but can be saved as any encoding)
This is advanced, as you can expect from open source applications. Bluefish is available on a variety of platforms including Windows, Linus, Mac and OpenSolaris.

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