Health Benefits Of Iris Herbs

Health Benefits Of Iris Herbs

Iris, also known as iris, is a perennial plant with long aromatic rhizomes or rhizomes that germinate leaves. The flowering buds of the plant are supported by a large leaf-like structure called space. Health Benefits Of Iris Herbs

It has pale pale green flowers, cylindrical spikes 5-10 cm in length, and yellowish fruits. The dried rhizomes of the plant form the medicated iris and are used for medicinal purposes.

The dried rhizomes of irises include irises, irises, irises, and asarone. Indian caramel contains a small amount of sesquiterpene alcohol, asarone. The oily odor is due to an unknown ingredient. The leaves contain oxalic acid and calcium. Must Read : conflict-news

Healing power

The rhizome is very medicinal. Root plants are aromatic stimulants, bitter tonics and sputum stimulants. It relieves flatulence, counteracts spasmodic disorders, and induces vomiting. Adjust your menstrual cycle. There are also laxatives, diuretics and aphrodisiacs. Health Benefits Of Iris Herbs

stomach ache
Iris relieves flatulence and heavy stomach by increasing appetite. Incinerated roots can be mixed with light oils such as refined coconut oil or root compresses and applied to the abdomen during treatment.

Diarrhea and dysentery
This drug has been proven for many years and is an ingredient in Ayurvedic drugs for chronic diarrhea. Because it contains tannins, it is also effective against chronic dysentery. Infusions can be given suffering from these illnesses.

Shobe is very beneficial in the treatment of asthma. Remove catarrh and sputum from the bronchi. In this state, about 65 centigrams of herbs are swallowed every 2-3 hours. What Your Nails Reveal About Your Health

Health Benefits Of Iris Herbs
Health Benefits Of Iris Herbs

It’s cool
Herbs also help treat common colds. Roast a small chunk of rhizome powder. This powdery pinch is taken with honey and provides great peace of mind. For babies, touch the baby’s tongue with an iris paste mixed with breast milk. Another convenient way to manage your baby is to apply a small amount of paste to your mother’s nipples.

Roasted herbal powder is an effective remedy for children with severe coughing. A pinch of this powder can be given with honey. Being an anti-basmodic, it prevents severe coughing attacks. For younger children, the dose should be proportionally lower.

Intestinal parasite
Iris is effective in fighting intestinal parasites. Powdered roots are taken for this purpose.

Mouth illness
Herbs help treat mouth ulcers, tongue layers, itching and skin irritation. You need to rub a piece of herb with your tongue to soften it. Health Benefits Of Iris Herbs


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