8 Ways for a Home Builder to Use Twitter.

8 Ways for a Home Builder to Use Twitter.

Many people believe Twitter is one of the foremost difficult social networks to use. But when mastered, it is often a strong marketing tool for several businesses, including home builders. the difficulty is, many home builders don’t understand the way to use Twitter effectively. Here are a couple of suggestions for belongings you can post on Twitter to draw in home buyers.

  1. News – Share articles about tax credits, local land values, mortgage rates, tax benefits of homeownership, green building, energy efficiency, and kitchen design trends. you’ll also share news of an area restaurant opening, a close-by vacation destination, or details of the local Home & Garden show.

2. Information – Tweet links to your community’s listing on Wikipedia, an area public transportation map, and a Google map that references local points of interest.

3. Local Interest – Prospective home buyers want to understand about the community they’ll enter, so share photos of an area fair, links to high school performance reports, news about the newest high school football, an area student or school athlete, and news a few traffic detour.

4. Help for Prospects/Homeowners – Share news about employment opportunities, a link to an area storage rental facility, links to coupons for local coffee houses and/or restaurants. you’ll also remind your Twitter followers when it’s time to plant bulbs and when to check in for the small league. Share a link to a business owned by a community resident, share home selling tips, and direct people to a contingent buyer’s current home listing to assist it to sell.

5. Fun – Twitter may be a social network, so don’t forget to possess fun! Share photos of the local landscape, like when leaves change colors. Share photos of sunset within the community, photos from an area cookout, and invite followers to attend the cookout. you’ll also tweet a few neighborhood kids’ lemonade stands, an area babysitting or care service, and info on a few resident’s cars purchasable.

6. Community News – Share photos of the community entrance, any freshly planted flowers within the common area, and therefore the civic center. Tweet news that the community pool has opened, and when a subsequent HOA meeting is scheduled.

7. Gratitude – Show your customers and prospects you care about by tweeting congratulations to new home buyers, and thank an area Realtor for visiting a community. (If homeowners or Realtors are Twitter users – make certain to tag them with their Twitter id)

8. Promotion – Don’t be afraid to market your business by tweeting news about a few new community grand openings, a replacement model grand opening, a replacement plan, new option incentives, a replacement lot release, a replacement rate of interest special, and a special price on a listing home.

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