How To Get Traffic From Twitter

Short and Creative Tweets

Everyone wants to have huge traffic on website. But without promoting a website getting  traffic is difficult a task hence you have to promote your website to get traffic on your website. And in today world social networking sites a best to promote your website for free and get huge traffic on your website .

You can use GOOGLE PLUS,FACEBOOK ,WHATSAPP, and TWITTER to get large amount of traffic to your site .

WE also have an experience of getting traffic from twitter. Twitter  is one of the best social networking site for getting huge traffic. 

But you have to use twitter well to drive huge traffic to  your site or blog, simply tweeting the title of your of blog post with a link will not always works. 

So just you need to follow following tweet methods for your blog  or site I am sure it  will help if you follow all these steps.


1. Short and Creative Tweets

Writing a short and attractive tweets in only 140 characters or less  is a tough job. But you should know Short tweets, under 100 characters get a 21% higher interaction rate.

When you tweets about  posts , you should get creative and should try making shorts tweets that attract interest in your posts. 

2. Tweets Interesting Quote From Post

Give follower a intro of your blog post which Include an interesting quote from your blog post. Quote should be concise and should give intro of your blog post that is some idea about the content of the post. 

Simply tweeting post title with a post link will not works.

Tweets with an interesting quote have a  large cjacne of retweet. And if your tweets gets retweets people will check your link for sure.  

3. #Hashtags

Using of Hashtags can help you to spread your tweets to various topics very easily .Hashtags provide a great way to connect with other users beyond your followers.

You can use hashtags to get traffic to your blog post but you should use your hashtags properly you should try to use those hashtags that are trending.

4. Statistics

If your post is having some Statistics about anything (related to your blog post) just tweet about it with your blog post link. People just love statistics.It has huge impact on the follower and more and more people will linked with blog post.

ASK for a Retweet

5. ASK for a Retweet 

This is the great way to get traffic from twitter.This can spread your blog related tweets very easily all over the twitter .Simply ask your follower to retweet your post. Tweets that ask for a “Retweet” get 12 to 23 times as many shares as compare to other.

If you are new and dont have followers you can also ask celebrity for a retweet by mentioning them in your tweets this will make your blog post visible to other and if you get a retweet it will be  bonus for you.

6. Promote Your Tweets

Promoted Tweets are a pretty inexpensive advertising option by Twitter. They can help

you to  spread your content to  target market.  You can set up your Promoted Tweets to target by  interests,geography, device used, and even by keywords.

By promoting tweets with a link to one of your blog posts, will help you to get huge traffic to your blog post.


so i hope now  you can use twitter properly to get huge traffic to your blog post .

Please do share your comments and thoughts with us . For  any help you can contact us we are always available for your help.

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