How To Protect Your Adsense Ads From Click Bombing

Prevent Click Bombing

bombing is one of the internet fraud which is used to disable one’s precious money account or spam a person’s blog or site. Click bombing is really a noob’s task because there are much software available on the internet which can click bomb any site easily in a few seconds.

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In this post, I will tell you what is click bombing and how to stay safe from it. If you are a victim, we will also tell you how to recover your site. Mostly, click bombing occurs on Google Adsense ads. So today we will talk about. Let’s start!

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What Is Click Bombing?

Okay. Here is the base question. What is click bombing? Anyone? Okay. Basically, click bombing is a process by which a hacker person installs a software in his computer and sets your website’s particular ad or position as a click target.

With high-speed internet, the software is able to perform around 1k clicks per minute which is simply impossible for a human hand. I guess now you are familiar with click bombing.

Why Click Bombing Is Harmful?

According to Google Adsense policies, you must receive high quality and legal clicks on your Adsense ads.

Google does not scan the DNA of the person clicking the ad so most probably, the Adsense team will consider them as fraud clicks by YOU and finally, your account will be BANNED.

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You're Click Bombed
Adsense Ads From Click Bombing

How To Know When You’re Click Bombed?

When your blog is hit by click bombing, your earning may go a bit high but your Adsense ads will be clicked much more times than normal. You can use Google Analytics to detect the referral traffic.

If 1 IP sends traffic in very high amount, you can say that you are click bombed.

How To Prevent Click Bombing?

#1: Finding Suspects

First of all, you have to find who are doing click bombing on your site. Sometimes, the software only uses a particular IP address to access website.

Check the IP address which receives most hit on your site and leave fastest. Simply use any ban plugin for WordPress or any site for blogger to ban that IP. (Tutorial coming soon!)

#2: Banning IP And Other Task

 If you want some more information, you can feel free to comment below or have a talk with your hosting provider. They will tell you how to do that.

How To Inform Google Adsense Team About Click Bombing?

Google is never against innocents. If you are a victim of click bombing, then inform Google Adsense special team immediately about this! To do that, follow the steps below:

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