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Herd Mentality: Do You Follow?

I guess it’s about time I put up a new post on this blog but sometimes the writer’s block keeps getting in the way. Much as we would like to move on, the writer in us just won’t come out.

Remember what the famous author Ernest Hemingway once said when asked about the most frightening thing he had ever encountered during his flamboyant life of writing and adventure: “A blank sheet of paper.”

Okay, we need not look at a blank sheet of paper here. I’ve put together some snippets of things that one should do or not do that will, hopefully, provide you with food for thought regarding your blogging experience:

Focus on success online

Success is everything to most people but you need a game plan to move forward in the right direction. Everyone wants success — and it’s no different with bloggers. So what do you need to be a successful blogger?

Studies have shown that to make it online, you need to have focus. Have a clear-cut direction in what you’re going to do…and do it.

There’s a gadzillion of sites but many of them don’t have that single iota of focusing that will bring them success online.


Don’t Suck Up To The “Gurus”

It’s tough finding the REAL shortcuts to success in Internet marketing despite what the “gurus” say.

When you’re just starting out to become an online entrepreneur you’ll be tempted by all kinds of offers. But be more conscious of the fact that there’s no such thing as a free lunch.

You’ll be well advised to be more circumspect about any offers that come your way.

Most “gurus” will tell you how they started with nothing, then they met somebody who has that most sought-after “secret” that will open the door to El Dorado.

If you lap this up hook, line and sinker, then you’re in for a big disappointment. You may even lose your pants in the process.

Beef about Blogger Blogs
Snippets You Can Chew On

Beef about Blogger Blogs

No doubt, every blogger has the right to do what he/she thinks fit for his/her own blogging space.

But to deride another blogger for using a Blogger blog and not WordPress with caustic, dismissive statement without weighing the argument in a rational manner is certainly unwarranted.

Looking at the bigger picture in blogging, what impression would a newbie get when he/she reads this kind of crap? If not for free blogs (thanks to Blogger/Blogspot.

com and many would not be able to afford to blog at all. The blogosphere would be much poorer for it.

The bane of comments

A top ranking blog can touch on any topic and the herd will rush in to make comments. Some constructive, some are just ingratiating themselves, others are just spam and cleverly disguised.

Go to any “big-time blogs” and you’ll always see the usual suspects rushing in to supply their regular quotas of such comments.

Herd Mentality: Do You Follow?

Herd mentality will never go away so long there’s a continuous flow of newbies coming onto the blogging scene.

I usually make my own judgmental decisions on whether to go forward or hang back. Sometimes you’ve to take risk because it’s better than sitting on the fence and missing the boat.

After all, you can always pull back if you sense something is not right. In this respect, I consider it as not following the crowd – it’s just your own judgmental decision.

Are We All Google Zombies?

Is Google a greedy, self-serving entity? Yes! Yes, they are. But lots of entities are greedy and self-serving. For that matter, so are a lot of people. 

think they’re a fine search engine, and they perform a very valuable and much needed service, writes Dean Philips.

No, my articles are not directed at Google per se. My articles are directed at the tens of thousands of Google zombies who blindly follow and applaud Google’s every move and whim, like rats following the Pied Piper of Hamelin

Control What You Publish

Conscientious publishing is not about being unique. It is impossible to be extremely original in every article; every good blogger repeats himself or herself. But by controlling what is published, you can influence how you want to be perceived


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