The convenience store industry strides in POS systems

The convenience store industry has made great strides in POS systems

There are many good things to do when building a website, but I think that the factor that occupies a large pos system’s weight is access log analysis.

What is an access log analysis?

In a physical store, it can be said that it is a more advanced means of collecting marketing information for POS systems. It is a system that allows you to clearly understand when what kind of people visited your website and how many sites you visited.

People with strong marketing ideas are delighted to shed tears when they hear that this information can be obtained, but on the other hand, what happened to people with weak marketing ideas? It will be a reaction. (By my rule of thumb).

The convenience store industry has made great strides in POS systems!

There are various factors such as the 24-hour business format, location, friendly response, and clean stores, but the main factors for the breakthrough are merchandising, inventory management, and freshness management through the POS system. That’s right.

For example, develop products based on a huge database such as “How many of these products were sold when the weather conditions were fine on what day of the month I think that we are improving our business performance. (I don’t really know because I’ve never worked at a convenience store ) The

The convenience store industry has spent a huge amount of money developing and introducing systems, but it’s almost free on internet websites. High-performance access log analysis with a little money system is available. (In addition, the combination is open 24 hours a day with high labor costs, but the website is open 24 hours a day with almost no labor costs.)

  • How many people are visiting your website? ??
  • How many pages are the visitors looking at?
  • What kind of search site did you visit?
  • What kind of keyword did you search for?
  • Which page is popular?
  • Which page do you enter from and which page do you exit from?
  • As a result, how many people purchased the product or requested the materials?
  • If you add more ingenuity and new ideas, you can understand even more deeply!

I think it’s okay for each small and medium-sized enterprise to have at least one person who is dedicated to analyzing this data and planning and drafting management strategies.

Since it is a prerequisite for marketing strategy planning to accurately understand, understand, and predict the actual conditions of customers and users, what if access log analysis can be effectively used as an important tool for e-Business success?


CafeWe had a meeting with the staff. Then, take a picture of that time with your mobile phone. It is an era in which videos can be easily distributed even on blogs. (Please see the STAFF MEETING video below if you like.) It is a very interesting technology because it is possible to build various business models such as shooting a video with a mobile phone and immediately distributing the video on a blog. In the United States, VLOG (VideoLog) seems to be showing signs of fashion at the same time as BLOG, but it will be the same in Japan as well.

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