The Concept Of “Dream Of Fire”


As from the ‘FIRE,’ the first thing that comes in our mind is ‘Supreme power.’ It is the deadliest weapon on the planet Earth. If someone has dreamed about fire then he is directly or indirectly having some big issues in his life.

He is going to have some major changes and transformation which is going to take place in one’s life. It also shows signs of desire, love, lust, the urge of sexual desire, up to destroying something. It can also be said he is going to get a big problem or he is going to create a problem for somebody. Also, Read Dream About Elevators

Meaning And Its Interpretation

The fire in a human dream gives an impact of one’s dark side of the hot-headed mind, with negative intensity. It also gives a meaning of mind getting out of control like things are getting out of his hands.

Thus, fire in a dream is a big drastic problem in human life. He is not able to control his desire, emotions, and obsession. It is also said something new is going to begin and something old is going to end

Dream about fire focusses that something special, newly introduced, or something exciting is going to come in life. It can also be drawn that something good or bad is going to happen in live life. It’s all about risking things, human lives are full of risk-taking venture and some risks are worth taking. It also strongly says one needs to be himself and he has to be original rather than fake.

The interpretations of fire dreams symbolize the big problems that could come in wake life, it deals with loads of stress, worries, mental pain. Getting too much obsessed with something.

Each and every human being is different so the dreams are also different from one another, each and every dream comes with a different meaning and acts wisely, one could act and implement on focusing on his dreams wisely.

Fire dreaming could be caused by some wrong decisions in life, things going out of control. It can also be said that a person has committed a heinous sin and is kept on reminding of his bad deeds every now and then. As a decision is being taken but now he is not able to change it.

He might have done something wrong and now he is repenting on it and this worry is resulting in fire dreams, and despite everything, he is not able to change that.

We have always heard that ‘FIRE’ is an emblem of Exuberant Vitality, it also stands for good luck and success. Whenever fire appears in someone ‘DREAMS’ there would be changes from good to better and better to best, but each and every human has got a unique personality, so in some cases, it could be a message of warning and unwanted news could be heard from somewhere. A glowing fire in a dream is a sign of luck and wealth, promising career, luck and prosperity.

To see a house on fire in the dream signifies that a good and happening life soon is going to get fade under some circumstances. Insecurities, wrong decisions, might be the reason behind this dream. It can also be concluded that there is too much obsession with something which is resulting in uncontrollable activities. Signs are there that a big problem might ruin your happy/peaceful life. Thus, fire over here indicates unhappiness and loss of mental prosperity.

The biblical meaning of fire in a dream is quite an interesting part of the narration. It can be used as an example that if someone is involved in an evil act, dirty crime, some sort of worst activity in life, then definitely a case of ‘Spiritual Misconduct’, then only there is a fire in dreams.

It is also a sign that one should confess and pray to the lord in order that the sins committed to be forgiven. It’s also a kind of warning that deep dark or hidden secrets could be revealed and would be known to everyone.

It’s a kind of signal that a person could maintain his life in a positive manner. It might be the significance of mental distress that is coming or someone’s expiration date is going to come. Read About Attract Money With salt


All it could be said that one should get prepared to pay for sins committed by him. It could be concluded it depends on oneself that what of a person he or she is in real life.

Like a person uses fire for the creative part, helping someone, maintain kindness in life then Fire acts a good tool for him but if a person uses to burn something, destruction, for demolition then for him fire acts a fearful thing. The concept lies in humanity, kindness and good deed.

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