Toothpaste Uses – Cleaning with Toothpaste – Many Good Uses

Toothpaste Uses – Cleaning with Toothpaste – Many Good Uses

Toothpaste is just what it sounds like; something used to clean your teeth. Thousands of years ago, it was almost a totally different thing in that it was formed to abrade the teeth. Just for some interesting thoughts, I am going to include tooth care ingredients of old. Oh and yes they most likely tasted awful!

In the time between 3000-5000 BC Egyptians mixed powdered ashes of oxen hooves with myrrh, burned eggshells, pumice, and water, and to make it even worse, they had no toothbrushes but chewed on sticks.

In 1000 AD Persians added burnt shells of snails and oysters along with gypsum.

In 23 – 79 AD they drank goats milk to make their breath sweet

Tooth powders then came about and were made up of elements like powdered charcoal, powdered bark, and some flavoring agents. But besides that burnt mice heads, rabbits heads, wolves heads, ox heels, and goat’s feet were thought to benefit the gums.
Liquid mouth care came in the guise of pure white wine or old urine.

The 18th Century

The earliest record of an actual toothpaste was in 1780 and included scrubbing the teeth with a formula containing burnt bread.

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The list of ingredients goes on and on, but nowadays toothpaste is made to remove stains, provide fluoride to whiten, deodorizes, and protects enamel. It works well on our teeth and being the creative people that we are, it is is also good for many more things. The following is a list of what you can use toothpaste on besides your teeth.

  1. Takes away skin irritation from; bug bites and stings – Stops the itching and decreases swelling
  2. Sores, blisters and burns – Can provide temporary burn pain relief and coolness. Applied gently will keep burn from blistering up and breaking
  3. Hickies – Those little love bites on the neck when first love blooms, will be helped by a layer of toothpaste
  4. Acne, pimples and facial blemishes – Dot your spots with toothpaste and leave on overnight. They should fade and decrease in size
  5. Stinky hands – If you been cooking fish, or with garlic or onion then scrub your hands with toothpaste and it will take away the smell
  6. Keeps hair in place – Use for baby’s barrettes or an extreme hair do
  7. Removes crayon from painted walls – Use a damp cloth with toothpaste and voila, gone
  8. Carpet stains – Use a harsh stiff brush and toothpaste and it will take out most stains
  9. Shoes – Will remove scuffs from both running shoes and leather
  10. Fingernail cleaner – Use a fingernail brush or toothbrush and clean both toes and fingernails to make them stronger, cleaner and shinier
  11. Clothing Stains – Apply directly to the stain, then rub until spot is gone.
  12. Shine up jewelry – Rub it onto jewelry and leave it overnight. Use a soft cloth and wipe clean in morning (do not use on pearls)
  13. Clean your piano keys – Let those ivory’s shine by cleaning each key with toothpaste. Make sure to use a lint free cloth for a final rub
  14. Sour milk baby bottle smell – I used to gather them up once a month and squirt with toothpaste, fill with water and shake and leave them sit overnight. In morning would rinse well
  15. Defogger for swimmer masks and divers – Place a small spot onto the goggle smear with water then rinse and no more mask fog!
  16. Shine up Chrome – Works well on chrome to bring up a gleam
  17. Takes scuffs and marks of wood – Rub the mark with a soft cloth and then wipe clean before using furniture polish
  18. Take water rings off coffee table
  19. Simply rub some toothpaste into the offending mark with a soft cloth and wipe dry with a clean damp cloth. Finish off with some furniture polish to help protect grandma’s antique table from staining again. Better yet – use coasters.
  20. Bathroom steam fighter – Use it to keep the mirror clean after a steamy shower
  21. Car Freshener – Never tried this, but am told if you wad some toothpaste in a paper towel and place under the seat in your car, when the sun heats the interior your car will smell minty fresh
  22. Cell Phone Screens and watch crystals – Rub a small amount and rinse off with a damp cloth, will make it clear and shiny
  23. Linoleum Scuffs – Scrub scuff marks with toothpaste and a dry cloth until no residue remains.
  24. Bruises – Apply a mixture of toothpaste and skin lotion to the bruise and wrap with an ace bandage or a band-aid to keep the sheets clean. Wash the paste off in the morning and reapply for two or three nights
  25. Refrigerator Seals – Toothbrushes are the perfect size for cleaning refrigerator seals and toothpaste is perfect for whitening those seals
  26. Shower Doors – Dampen a sponge and smear it with a bit of whitening toothpaste. Clean the shower doors with a circular swipe and rinse thoroughly and you’ll be able to see through your doors once again.
  27. Headlights – Driving allows your headlights to get dirty, dingy, scratched and dim. Remove it with toothpaste and a good buffing
  28. Skunk-Spray Deodorizer for animals – Use a fluoride toothpaste get the dog wet and coat your stinky dog with it.
    Leave the mixture on for at least half hour then rinse thoroughly.

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