Top Blogging Apps for Android and iOS

Top Blogging Apps for Android and iOS

The advent of technology has brought in ease of using various social networking sites from your mobile phones. This helped bloggers to write without being stuck to their laptops or desktops. Now you can easily post your blog directly from your android device like mobile phone and tablet.

It also empowers them to utilize these devices to update their blogs in real-time. This will not only make their blog more impactful but also reduce the time and effort they need to put in to create one post.

There are a number of blogging apps available for android users and it is important that you choose the best for your blogging requirements. This article will help you gain an insight into the various types of blogging options available for you so that you can choose the best one. A responsive blogging app will enhance your efficiency and add to the fun of blogging. You can make your post more attractive to your readers with this flavor technology.

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You can provide better illustrations to support your writing and add pictures from your surroundings. Every time you feel like expressing your thoughts on something, you do not need to run to your system, you can simply start off from your android device.

Top Blogging Apps
Top Blogging Apps


This is the most common blogging platform that is best for bloggers who write longer posts and focus on mostly text-based blogs. The android app for WordPress is developed keeping in mind the expectations of bloggers from the app and making the functionality convenient for smartphone use. This app is very fast and gives the best performance on tablets.

You can now create your posts as easily as in the desktop version and edit the old ones, view comments and manage your profile easily. The functionality is more or less the same so that you do not miss your laptop while blogging through your smartphone.

You can easily download your app from the android market and start blogging instantly. It is a very quick app and will surely give you a happy blogging experience. Various types of web hosting platforms are also available for effective blogging in WordPress.


An advanced blogging platform allows you to post text, images and add links to videos within your blog post known as tumblelog. You can also follow the blogs of other people using Tumblr for their blog posts. You can add your favorite blogs to your list of regular viewing posts by following the respective tumblelog.

You can save drafts and customize your tweets, it allows you to queue your posts for future posting. You can simply find people from your address book and follow their blogs.


Google developed this blogging tool and hence you can easily use your google account credentials for signing for this blog tool. It comes with the unique feature of making your blog post more interactive by early publishing of posts; you can add pictures and add your location to each of your blog posts.

When you open your google account on your smartphone you can also get your Blogger app and start blogging in a much convenient way than before. The app is user-friendly and hence so popular among bloggers.

You can use several other options for blogging through your smartphone. The above-mentioned apps are highly rated and you can easily use them for your blogging endeavors.

You can also go through the features of different providers so that you can make a wise decision. Smartphones have brought in a lot of ease in our day-to-day living and this true in the case of blogging too.


Blogging is simplified with blogging apps available for smartphones and tablet making it convenient and lively.


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