What Does Dreaming About Dogs-Most Loyal Animal Mean?


Dreams are nothing but a state of our subconscious mind. The dreaming about dogs-most loyal animal mean we see always have had an impact on us. Some dreams make us feel happy and calm while others might wake us up with a shock.

No matter good or bad, every dream leaves us pondering as to what did it actually wanted to convey. It is true that every dream has a meaning attached to it.

Every dream can have a different interpretation for different people. It depends on your gender, country and also on your mental state. For instance, falling in a dream from a cliff can be an adventure for some while a tragedy for others. Also, Read Dream Of Fire


Of all the dreams, have you’ve ever seen a dog in your dream? And wondered what it meant?

There is no doubt in the fact that dogs are the most faithful and loyal companion and indeed a human’s best friend. They are surely the most protecting and friendly animals one can find.

Each one of us must have had an encounter with a dog at some of the other points in our life. Even if we don’t have a dog as a pet, we surely have them in our society and love to play with them.

Seeing a dog in one’s dream it nothing unnatural. In order to analyze a dream about dogs, think about what your mind was occupied with. Try to recall how the dog looked. Was it playful, or angry, or was chasing you, or was digging a hole or any other situation.

This is important because the situation in which you saw the dog has an impact on how you interpret the dream. The way you felt during and after the dream signifies what your subconscious mind has to tell you.

Dreaming about dogs represents those areas of your life where you feel emotionally protective. It represents a part of your life that remains hidden not only from others but also from yourself.

Apart from other animals, dogs can be the most common and frequently seen animals in your dreams and we are sure you want to find out what does it mean to see a dog while dreaming.

Scroll down and read about the interpretation of some of the popular as well as general dreams about dogs.
  • Seeing a black dog in a dream: In the United Kingdom, a black dog represents death and evil forces. It is also associated with bad weather possibly a storm.

Thus, dreaming of a black dog can be considered a bad omen. But as we said it depends on the country as well where you live. In some countries, dogs have a different mythological significance and hence the interpretation of the dream varies.

  • Seeing a white dog in the dream: White is a color of positivity and symbolizes happiness and friendship. If you see a white dog in your dream it indicates that your relation with your friends and family has started entering your subconscious mind. Hence, it is a good omen to witness a white dog in once dream.
  • Dreaming about a dog chasing you: It you are afraid, anxious and restless in your life, then it is quite common that your subconscious mind indicates it with a dog chasing you in your dream.

A pressure or a problem in your love life that you want to eagerly get rid of is also indicated by a dog chasing you in your dream. It is the way of the subconscious mind to signal the escape from the same for your betterment.

An escape from something negative experienced by you at a conscious level is also indicated through a dog chasing you by your subconscious mind.

  • Dreaming about a dog walking towards you: If in your dream you notice a dog walking towards you, then it is nothing to be happy about.
  • Dreaming about playing with dogs: Which dog lover in the world does not love to play with them? Surely all of us do, but if you are dreaming about the same it does not signifies your love for dogs.

If you are playing with somebody else’s dog in your dream, it indicates your friendly nature and that you are soon going to become friends with someone.

On the other hand, if in your dream you are playing with a group of dogs, it indicates your frugal nature which makes you act in a selfish way at times.

So the next time you notice yourself playing with dogs in your dream, spare a minute and ponder over it.

  • Dreaming about a dog biting: No one wants to be bitten by a dog. It’s painful, isn’t it? Similarly, if you are dreaming of a dog biting either you or someone else, it is not a good indication.

On the other hand, if you have a pet dog and watch him biting you in your dream, it is a bad sign.

Your own dog biting you in your dream is an indication of a loss going to happen in the future.

If you notice a dog biting you on your leg, it signifies your inability to restore balance in your life. It also indicates that you are not willing to walk forward for the achievement of your goals.

If you are bitten on your hand by a dog in your dream, it indicates someone’s disloyalty towards you.

  • Dreaming about an angry dog: An angry dog in your dream is a symbol of your own anger towards others presented to you by your subconscious mind. It indicates that you quickly lose temper while dealing with people. Read About Attract Money With Salt
  • Dreaming about a happy dog: If you are sad or anxious in your actual life and are trying to overcome it, then it is a good sign both at conscious and subconscious levels.

This phase of recovery is indicated in your dream by a happy dog. It can also be an indication of finding a new partner.

  • Dreaming about a dog barking: A barking dog frightens most of us, whether it is in reality or in a dream. If you witness your own dog barking at you in your dream, then it is a clear indication of someone being jealous of your social and wealth status.

If you see a dog barking at you happily, it is surely a very good sign. It indicates some sort of pleasure or social gathering in the coming future.

It the dog in your dream is barking fiercely, it is a representation of your character. If you have an attitude of controlling others it is indicated by a fierce dog barking at you.

  • Dreaming about puppies: Do you find puppies cute? I am sure you do! But what does it means if you see puppies in your dream? Let us interpret it for you.

Dreaming about puppies being nurtured by their mother is a clear indication of your own nurturing nature.

Dreaming about puppies is a reflection of your own thoughts which cross your mind in day to day life.

It is also an indication of the fact that you are soon going to give birth to your young ones and are going to bring a new being to life.

What does dream psychology have to say about dog dreams?

Different dreams about dogs have different interpretations of dream psychology.


If you see yourself saving someone from a dog in your dream, it indicates that you are going to give birth to your young ones soon.

On the other hand, seeing a pack of dogs in your dream indicates friendships and new connections, which are about to happen in your life.


In general, dreaming about a dog is an indication of your search for protection, loyalty, friendship and trust from people around you. This is because a dog is a symbol of loyalty and friendship and we have often realized that dog is a human’s best friend.

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