What Your Nails Reveal About Your Health

pitted nails

Nails are the harder part of the human body after the enamel and it is also very important for ladies who wants their nails to be long and strong so that they can perform several decorating material on them which can probably add up to their beauty.

However, do you know both the men and woman nails reveals about their health? Here, we have a very knowledgeable article describing the types and causes about different nails and what they tell about your health.

nails reveals about their health? Here, we have a very knowledgeable article describing the types and causes about different nails and what they tell about your health.

cracked and thick nails reveals health problems

 It often happens due to the reason that the nails become crack and splits at its end. This may cause when your body faces the hydrochloric acid deficiency, but there may be many other indications to this. The best thing that can tell you about how fit you are is your hair and nails. The strong shiny pink nails is a symptom of a healthy human being.

But at times when the nails become brittle and break and spilled, it is a signal for you to take care of your health.

Diseases like anemia, Menopause or hormonal imbalance, thyroid problems, impaired kidney function or Liver Disease or Dietary Deficiencies like lack of Vitamin C, folic acid, calcium, protein, iron, and fat may slow down the nail growth and makes it weak and brittle.

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Sometimes people are very anxiety or keep in stress then also such type of problems may survive. In some people, it may happen that after the nails split it has the combination of yellow hue which is likely due to the fungal infections.

pitted nails

When there are depressions and small cracks made in your nails then it is categorized under this shape known as pitted or grooving nails. Pitted nails are often a sign of Psoriasis when an individual has this disease he develops a cluster cell basically along the nail bed.

cracked and thick nails reveals health problems

The nails are actually grooving and the surface is not smooth. According to the doctors, it is said that the depression and the type of depression in such type of nails also vary in different people depending upon the cause.

There are several diseases that are compared to this type of problems like the Reiter’s disease, lichen planus, vitiligo, alopecia areata, hemodialysis, eczematous dermatitis and chronic renal failure.

yellowing of nails due to health problems

The yellow nail is an alarm for one to quickly go to the doctor and have a checkup because yellow nails are often associated with the health problems.

A healthy person is always supposed to have white nails which look shiny too. Yellowing of nails might be a sign of diseases like lymphedema or respiratory conditions; however, there are many more diseases accept these which is clearly signaled by the yellow nail.

However, we wish that you stay fit and fine and do not suffer from all these terrible diseases, but whenever you notice that you nails are getting yellowish each day then it is a warning for you to get checked up soon.

Although the common cause of this type of nails is fungal infection which can be an indication of diabetes as diabetic people tends to suffer from toenail fungal infections where the nails become brittle and get a yellow tinge and it is also said that if the infection is not cured at time the nail bed may react and become thick.

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